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It’s All in the Numbers

Tourism is an integral part of the economy of New York State. Visitors generate significant economic benefits to households, businesses and governments alike and represent a critical driver of the state’s future. How critical?

In 2021 (the last year for which statistics are available) tourism supported jobs accounted for more than 6.5% of all jobs in the state.

By monitoring the visitor economy, policymakers can make informed decisions regarding the funding and prioritization of the sector’s development. They can also carefully monitor its successes and future needs. This is particularly true for New York as we build on our tourism economy.

To understand the significance of the visitor economy in the state, Tourism Economics* in conjunction with I Love NY, developed a comprehensive model detailing the impacts of visitor spending. The results of this study show the scope of the visitor economy in terms of direct visitor spending along with total economic impacts, jobs and taxes in the broader economy.


Travelers spent $1.9 billion in the Adirondack region in 2021 across a diverse range of sectors. That is 126% of 2019 pre pandemic levels.

Labor Income was $792M, $31M was generated in local taxes and $103M was produced in state taxes.

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