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Honestly, the only thing that changes is the last two digits of a number, but we put significant value on it. Yes, it is the advancement of time, but it is not like a season changing where you visually and physically see climate change, flowers bloom, snow fall or leaves change.

Celebrating the “new year” started about 2000 B.C. and originally occurred at the time of the vernal equinox at the end of March. It was later changed by Caesar to January, in part, to honor the month’s namesake, Janus, the Roman God of New Beginnings. Therefore, a new year represents new beginnings and provides us with a reason to start new goals and evaluate accomplishments and failures, but shouldn’t we be doing this all year?

CST had a handful of goals for 2023 and I’ll be honest, they were ambitious. We managed to accomplish all of them except we missed the mark on our revenue goal by a few thousand dollars. Considering we have seen 34% year-over-year growth for the past four years, I am not complaining but still, we were so close!

We have established our 2024 goals and by the time you read this, we will have shared them with our team. You see, our goals are also theirs. We can’t make it happen or grow our company without the very people that work alongside us. I am always flabbergasted by companies who don’t share goals with their teams. Why on earth not? They can, and should be, helping you achieve them.

As we move into first quarter here are some things we are working on

1. Advanced Security Packages – We have two customized security packages that will provide that extra level of security needed for compliance requirements. We customize them to give you just what you need.

2. VOIP Phones – we are offering a Voice Over Internet Phone option allowing you to have ONE vendor who takes care of all your technology needs…including your phones.

3. Penetration Tests – we are offering a third-party risk assessment to include penetration testing. Whether you must do this quarterly or annually, we’ve got you covered! This test will simulate how far a hacker could go if they were to get through your network. This is valuable information and will allow your IT team an opportunity to patch any holes before a hacker finds them.

4. Book Reveal – Yes, I have written a book with plans for a first quarter release. I am super excited about this and will provide more details as we get closer to the release date.

These are just a few of our goals for 2024. I am confident we can accomplish them all while enhancing our services and developing our team both personally and professionally.

On a final note, I am thankful for having an opportunity to write this article each month. I hope you find it helpful or at the very least entertaining. I look forward to building our businesses together in 2024 and beyond.

 As Always,

“Passionate NOT Pushy” — Lisa

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