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Brianna House

Ambitious. Passionate. Resourceful.

Current Employer & Job Title: The Luxury Photo Booth Experience, Owner/Operator and often “The Director of Fun”

Age: 24 | Hometown: Rome, NY | Education: High School Diploma

There are some people that just light up a room when they walk through the door. Brianna brings an energy and charisma that changes the entire aura, just by showing up. As a dynamic, young entrepreneur, Brianna chose Plattsburgh as the place she would launch her independence and her career. Fearlessly forging ahead with her business, Brianna invokes fun and collaboration at every turn.

How does company culture impact you and what do you do to contribute to it?

Creating an environment where we can express ourselves and have fun while doing it is always the goal. I believe in serving my clients and community so I’m willing to lend an hand off or on site is huge to me. A little help goes a long way in building client, peer and business relationships.

Who do you look up to for inspiration or mentorship?

I am VERY blessed for the “women power” in Plattsburgh and beyond that has gotten me to where I am at this moment. This includes Sarita Ruiz of Saritas Food Truck, Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest of Chapter One, Anika of Assorted Artistries, Kimberly S. Cummins of Hey I’m Kim, KT Teaney of Old Soul , Courtney Meisenheimer, Lynne Reznick of Lake City Coworking , and The Twenty Six & Co. ladies to name a few.

What strategies do you use to approach the day?

“Rise & Grind,” Sarita Ruiz. I always start with the things I hate the most in the morning and move on to the fun stuff.

Tell us about your community involvement.

I have always been a community-oriented person, so I am always trying to find ways to bridge gaps and show up. Recently, I was offered the opportunity to join the Strand Center for the Arts Board of Directors. I have donated photo booths to fundraisers like the Reason to Hope Gala and supported other small business owners like The Whistle Stop and Assorted Artistries during their grand openings. I put together fundraisers for non-profits like Healing Grace and Planned Parenthood. Additionally, I have a very big presence in the recovery world of Plattsburgh, always lending a helping hand to those struggling with addiction.

What important lesson have you learned in your career?

ALWAYS, bring an emergency bag with extra batteries, and business cards. And Networking is your best form of marketing.

What is the biggest risks you have ever taken?

Moving away from my family and friends. Deciding I want to live.

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