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Updated: Nov 29, 2023


By Garry Douglas

The North Country Chamber has the privilege of serving as the Tourism Promotion Agency for Clinton County and as an I Love NY partner with the state. In this capacity, our Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau, a division of the Chamber, carries out an active and diverse marketing effort each year. Last month, we approved and presented to the Clinton County Legislature our comprehensive plans for 2023.

It follows the unusual nature of 2022 for which we had to develop plans in late 2021 without being sure what the course and impacts of COVID restrictions would be or what the status would be of our northern border. And so, we focused promotions downstate and elsewhere while having plans ready for quick implementation if the border made Canadian visitation practical once again.

Our quick and effective outreach in Quebec and eastern Ontario after Canada dropped test requirements for the vaccinated on April 1 saw a quick return to 70% of the number of Quebec visitors compared with 2019, compared with just 50% at most other border areas.

Looking toward a hopefully more “normal” market in 2023, we will carry on our promotion in the Capital Region where we have successfully generated increased visitation to our area. And we will resume major activity across the board in Canada while we continue to advocate for further steps toward border crossing normalcy.

Our plans call for a stronger than ever focus on digital marketing of all kinds with an emphasis on social media growth. This will include, for example, a new Tik Tok channel, as well as a diverse Google display ad campaign and drone video creations for varied use.

Traditional commitments will continue as well, with seven major Bass Tournaments expected on Lake Champlain next year, and with fresh efforts in the motorcoach tour market and our presence at targeted travel shows north of the border. And working within the framework of our Destination Master Plan, we will create expanded experiences and promotions in key target sectors such as history, agritourism, and a range of outdoor recreational activities. All while collaborating in valuable ways within the Adirondack Regional Tourism Council and with statewide partners.

The 2023 Marketing Plan is, as always, aggressive and multi-faceted. But with the continued enthusiasm and leadership of our Visitors Bureau, led by Kristy Kennedy and Alyssa Senecal, it will be fully implemented and will bring much benefit to our region. For more information on our tourism marketing efforts, visit

Onward and upward!

Garry Douglas is president of the North Country Chamber of Commerce.

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