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Updated: Dec 15, 2023

With Lisa Brown, CEO and Founder of CST Group Inc., a Technology Managed Service Provider specializing in security and compliance.

We are “Passionate NOT Pushy” about your technology.

As we end another year, Shawn and I always look back at what we have accomplished, evaluate those things we didn’t get done and reflect on how we could have done it all better. Are you doing that as well? We know you are tired of cyber security topics being forced upon you daily. We understand! We also know, firsthand, the impact of a breach. We have personal experience with clients losing thousands of dollars, weeks of work and years of data; one closed its’ doors, two survived but lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and fees and they are still trying to recover. Unfortunately, that was the reason they hired us – they thought they had “enough” protection and ignorance is no longer an excuse.


I talk to prospective clients every day. I provide them with lots of information stripped down to make it make sense and yet, some still refuse to acknowledge the risks are real. So, here are my thoughts. THE RISK IS YOURS! That’s right folks, the risk is all on YOU – the owner, CEO, Supervisor, CTO or IT Director. If you understand the risk and knowingly acknowledge that you are accepting the risk – then great. We respect that – sort of! But, like all other kinds of insurance, why would you want to?


Let me explain it this way…how many of you have insurance? Homeowners, vehicle, boat, ATV, and most important, health insurance? You bought that insurance not because you are expecting a fire, theft, damage, or sickness but because you are AFRAID to be without it. A “just in case” scenario. Now, just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you are exempt from bad things, but having it makes you feel safer. I get it, Shawn and I have insurance and yes, we do feel better knowing we have it.


Now, take your business – the one thing you built from scratch, pour your soul into, spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours nurturing all while expecting a return on all that hard work – money! Isn’t that worth protecting?


Being in the world of technology, change is constant. We always try to ensure that what we are doing for our client is “enough” to keep you all safe. That will not change. But we want to do better than that. We want to be ahead of any nasty stuff coming our way and we want to innovate how we do it. Our team of cyber security experts are constantly keeping us updated and we are adapting accordingly.


So, as 2024 approaches think about how you can minimize your day-to-day stresses. You have worked hard to grow your company so evaluate what level of risk you want to take and be sure you are willing to live with the “worst case scenario” if something were to happen.


What would decrease your technology stress? Would you like someone to call when things go wrong? Do you want someone to keep track of your technology accounts and passwords? Where is that data now? I pray you

have it somewhere and not just in “your head” or worse, the head of an employee. What about compliance? Who is updating, monitoring, and protecting your technology?


As a FREE offer to those of you who are not yet clients, why not reach out and let’s talk about how your technology is performing. Request a FREE network assessment by going to I will provide you with all the information you want with a simple phone call. All with ZERO risk.

On behalf of Shawn and I and our entire team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

 As Always, “Passionate NOT Pushy”  — Lisa

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