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Ryan Carey

Supportive. Creative. Adaptable.

Current Employer & Job Title: Accounting Manager – MRP Solutions

Age: 35 | Hometown: Massapequa, NY | Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Business and Supply Chain Management from SUNY Plattsburgh

When Ryan Carey graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh, his dream job was to work at Moldrite Plastics (now MRP Solutions). Seven years after graduation, Ryan returned to Plattsburgh to work with local accounting firm Martindale Keysor & Co and five years later has brought his dream to reality. Curiously light hearted and friendly, Ryan brings a different energy to the world of accounting. He and his family have found a community where they feel a warm sense of belonging.

What important lesson have you learned in your career?

Throughout my career, one of the most important lessons I have learned is the importance of adaptability. In my first job working as kitchen staff in a catering business to my current position as Accounting Manager has required me to be adaptive to the ever-changing work environment. I have also found it imperative to support my team members through changes as well. Being able to embrace change with an open mindset and willingness to pivot can be an opportunity for growth.

How does company culture impact you and what do you do to contribute to it?

To me it is extremely important to find a company that has the same values and beliefs as I do. I have worked in many companies each with different cultures and values. Company culture greatly influences how organizations operate and interact with employees, customers and vendors. I find it important to lead by example and to provide a safe and positive company culture so the people can feel inspired to be creative, collaborative and innovative. I strive to provide a safe and supported work environment to ensure my employees feel heard and respected in what they can contributed to our team. I make myself available and approachable and I am always willing to learn new ideas to help my team to have the right tools to be successful.

What strategies do you use to approach the day?

Every day I outline my schedule to include the tasks demanding my attention and the needs of my team members. I have found that structuring my day with a clear list of tasks enhances my effectiveness significantly. My approach begins with tackling quick tasks that can be completed in under five minutes, providing immediate wins and momentum for the day. Then, I focus on addressing the most critical tasks and prioritizing them. I have found this is the best way for me to remain on task and to meet my goals and deadlines.

How can the North Country improve its Gen IQ? (Gen IQ defined as an ability to lead, market to or innovate with multi-generational workplaces and marketplaces)

The North Country has several strong businesses currently, and I believe one way to initiate multi-generational workplaces is to establish internship programs. By incentivizing local business to collaborate closely with local colleges and universities. Internship programs and on-the-job training initiatives not only bridges the gap between generations but also cultivates knowledge-sharing and skill development. These programs serve as a culture of continuous learning and collaboration among all generations. By keeping talent within the community, these internships have the potential to evolve into full-time positions, retaining skilled professionals in the North Country. This retention of talent not only strengthens existing businesses, but also fuels the growth for future business as the local talent pool continues to grow.

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