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Adirondack Coast Tourism: A Recap and Glimpse into 2024

By Kristy Kennedy

In 2023, the Adirondack Coast experienced remarkable growth in tourism, benefitting from the easing of border restrictions and heightened traveler confidence. Looking ahead to 2024, we are poised to build upon those successes by advancing our marketing initiatives in Montreal, while leveraging partnerships with I Love NY, Adirondack Regional Tourism Council (ARTC) and Plattsburgh International Airport (PBG). Our goal is to fortify the Adirondack Coast brand through multi-platform campaigns, emphasizing online and digital marketing, social media strategies, television promotions, tradeshows, and public relations efforts.

Our strategy centers on highlighting the Adirondack Coast’s proximity to Montreal, authentic experiences, affordable lodging, and cost-effective travel, coupled with our wide offerings in outdoor recreation, Agritourism and History. The success of our website, which experienced an 18% rise in Montreal traffic in 2023, demonstrates our appeal as a sought-after destination.

In 2024, our digital marketing efforts will remain robust, focusing on website content updates, social media engagement while targeting diverse demographics including Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z. We intend to enhance our mobile and digital marketing with a comprehensive year-round Google display ad campaign, increased video content, and enhanced SEO practices to create a vibrant digital experience for visitors.

Recognizing the surge in web traffic from the Capital Region of New York State, we will continue to target this area with our digital campaign. We are excited about securing eight pro fishing tournaments in 2024, including Bassmaster Elite and MLF Toyota series, which will contribute to our reputation as a premier sports and events destination.

Our strong collaborations with I Love NY, NYSTIA, ARTC, and other state tourism organizations will continue to play a pivotal role in our marketing approach, offsetting costs and ensuring a wide-reaching impact. Additionally, we will carry forward the success of our PBG Philadelphia marketing efforts, expanding into Clinton County and Montreal to amplify our messaging.

2024 Marketing Objectives: Continue to reinforce our brand to Canadian visitors Continue to grow our efforts in the Capital Region of New York Continue to position ourselves as a leading group market destination Grow brand identity to establish the Adirondack Coast as a year-round destination Focus on content development that can be repurposed through multiple channels Create more digital maps, trails and itineraries to enhance the visitor experience Utilize digital and online marketing to cater our message to targeted audiences Grow our efforts focusing on accessibility, acceptance and diversity in the region Focus on working with regional and state entities to promote the Adirondack Region With these strategic actions, the Adirondack Coast is poised for another year of growth, innovation and enhancing its reputation as a premier travel destination.

Kristy is the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau, a division of the North Country Chamber of Comme

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