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Michael Wells

Family. Integrity. Transparency.

Current Employer & Job Title: University of Vermont Health Network-Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital. Assistant Nurse Manager of the Emergency Department.

Age: 29 | Hometown: Syracuse, New York, Ellenburg Center, New York | Education: Bachelor of Science in Health Studies from Utica College; Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Utica College; Enrolled in Masters of Science in Nursing Executive Leadership at Southern New Hampshire University

Michael has a wonderful outlook on life, with every day being a new day for a fresh start. Having a heart full of compassion, Michael excels in the healthcare field. It takes a special kind of person to help people through their worst days. No one seeks emergency care on good days. The bad days are what most Emergency Departments see. Michael strives to be a leader vs a manager, empowering those who work with him to be their best.

How does company culture impact you and what do you do to contribute to it?

UVMHN-CVPH’s Value is “by embracing our strengths and honoring our differences, we learn and grow together through honesty, respect, and teamwork.” As a transformational leader within the organization, I strive to contribute to this culture with every interaction I have, whether that is with the team of staff that work in the Emergency Department, the patients and families we touch and treat each and every day, or my colleagues throughout the organization and health network. This culture coincides with a personal and professional philosophy which was instilled during my time at Utica College by the late Lacrosse coach Mike Parnell which is, “Exhibit integrity, which is to do the right thing all of the time, even when no one is watching.” Doing the right thing, even when it may be easier to take shortcuts, is a valuable life lesson that I strive to instill in others.

Tell us about your community involvement:

Raising a young family in the North Country has given me opportunities to get involved in different community events including sports and recreational activities. My professional career has given me the opportunity to connect with the North Country community. The Emergency Department works to strengthening different programs such as providing Naloxone kits, “Stop the Bleed” and involvement in emergency management related events.

What strategies do you use to approach the day?

The strategy I use is directly correlated to the biggest lesson I have learned in a career in healthcare, which is to look at each day as a brand-new day. When starting the day, you are able to leave the struggles and challenges of the previous day(s) behind you. You are rewarded with a new clean slate each day.

How can the North Country improve its Gen IQ? (Gen IQ defined as an ability to lead, market to or innovate with multi-generational workplaces and marketplaces)

I think regardless of generational differences that exist, many employees seek the same thing out of their workplace. A workplace that fosters growth and acceptance, along with creating a safe working environment that allows for flexibility, the ability to contribute thoughts and opinions freely, and a workplace that allows for both growth in your professional and personal lives and career. Breaking down barriers that may exist to allow this to happen is the key to a successful workplace for all generations.

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