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Next Gen, Rising Stars, Faces of Our Future, Gen What, Alphabet Soup...The Talent is REAL!

It is not completely true. The messages of doom about the younger generation being “lazy”, “overly sensitive”, “all about me” plague the media. Based on our local research and insight, we suggest that blanket, overarching statements are unfounded.

On a beautiful evening in May, the Strictly Business team had the pleasure of meeting with some of the talented younger members of our business community. Set with the beautiful backdrop of Lake Champlain, the group had a Meet and Greet gathering, held at Doc’s on the Water at its Mooney Bay location. A fully windowed private room was the perfect setting for our 50 or so guests to get to know each other. Honorees, their guests, members of the Adirondack Young Professionals, and former honorees Molly Ryan and Michael Cashman got the chance to connect. There were photos and fun on the room’s private deck with wonderful finger foods and refreshments. As everyone shared a little about themselves, many discovered similar experiences. Some made new connections that will involve collaboration in the future.

Our group boasted a wide variety of honorees from a Country Music Singer/Songwriter, to teachers, business owners, managers, directors, and law enforcement people filling key roles in the business community and setting the course for the future of our area. All of them are working to improve the community around them in their own way. They clearly deliver a sense of being seen and heard and most of them are there to help guide others on their way.

We all walked away from our evening realizing that our future lies in the hands of many capable and dedicated young leaders who believe in their future and ours. And in the infamous words of SB publisher, Herb Carpenter, “That’s Good for Business.”

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