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Publisher’s View

by Herb Carpenter

In this issue of Strictly Business, we focus on traditional health care providers along with a healthy dose of the non-traditional.

Our cover article features Dr. Angela Powell, owner of Plattsburgh ENT. It can be difficult to recruit specialists to the North Country, but when you learn about her background and what brought her to the area, I believe you will agree the stars aligned in our favor.

Dr. Anita Bodrogi spent most of her youth in Plattsburgh. She left to pursue work as an actress, performer and dancer in New York City, but eventually made a complete change, going to medical school and then finding her way back to the North Country. She is now the owner of InHealth Family Medicine.

Homeward Bound Adirondacks is an organization dedicated to helping veterans heal from the trauma they have experienced. Based in Saranac Lake, the group provides twice monthly three-day retreats that connect veterans with the beauty of the Adirondacks and the support of others who have had similar experiences.

Red Light Therapy and Cryoskin are alternative care modalities that may be new to many SB readers, but are gaining popularity. Chad Hunkins of StoneWorks Massage & Skincare and Dena Archer of Archer Bodyworks have both embraced the cutting-edge technology and offer a variety of services in this growing industry.

Advancing in your career can call for new skills, and life coaches Dr. Wouter Rietsema and Tom Bull are here to provide the training you may need. Read about their experience and their individual approach in this issue.

A program called Connections and Wellbeing at CVPH and Alice Hyde Medical Centers was originally organized as a response to the stresses COVID created on healthcare workers, but has taken on a new life as it changes working relationships.

Our Insight article this month features Dr. Joe Donnery, owner of Plattsburgh Podiatry Center. Originally from the small town of Highland Falls, New York he traveled the country in pursuit of his education and eventually found his way to the North Country.

Again, this month Garry Douglas wraps up our issue. This time it is with a discussion ‘about the mindset of the North Country business community. He calls it “Optimism is a Force Multiplier” and emphasizes the area’s innate resilience and belief that we can and will meet the challenges ahead of us.

As I look to summarize this issue of SB, I am drawn to an idea from Joe Donnery’s Insight article. “There are thousands of people working in healthcare (and every other industry), many of whom you never see. The result is a whole team that keeps the system going.  Don’t take those people for granted. They make it possible for us to do what we do.”

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