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Saania Brindisi

Make a Difference.

Current Employer & Job Title: Chazy Central Rural School 3rd Grade Teacher

Age: 38 | Hometown: Chazy, NY

Education: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Masters SUNY Plattsburgh

Once you meet Saania Brindisi, you realize how truly powerful and inspiring great teachers can be. She and her husband, Nicholas, hold the hearts, hands and educational advancement of every third grader at Chazy Central School. Their dedication to their students and the extra programming they offer are life and game changing efforts for the good of that community.

What important lesson have you learned in your career?

To not be afraid of change. As an educator, what NEVER changes is change. We have to remember we are the role models for our youth and we have to show them how to deal with change. You have to go with the flow, work with the changes and be flexible.

Tell us about your community involvement.

Coaching is a huge part of my community involvement. I am a soccer coach for Adirondack Coast Sports, Embry Soccer, Chazy Soccer Camp since 2004, Plattsburgh State Soccer Camp, Modified Soccer, and youth recreation sports. I spend a lot of my time supporting my own children as well as kids in our local area to stay involved in sports and other outside activities.

Recently, I took up the challenge of implementing a new running program at Chazy Central School. This after-hours program allows third through sixth grade students to run safely with adults. We have a variety of runners, but everyone has the opportunity to work at their own level. This is a way to inspire students to find an outlet to get them outside doing something healthy.

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